About Me

Passionate and fierce with a fanciful flare of femininity and nostalgia. My artwork expresses a new found love of painting. Through challenges, losses and struggles in my life, I'm not letting anything stop me from pursuing my love of creative expression through art.  Acrylic paint is my chosen form of artistic medium.  Gold and  metallic paints are at the top of the list of favorite art supplies. The use of Gold paint presents a radiant luminosity satisfying to both the artist and the viewer. My artistic practice is inspired by flowers, black and white vintage family photos, and international culture.

My work has been featured in Art Journaling, Somerset Studio and Mingle Magazine. I reside in Montclair, California and I enjoy connecting with other creative souls through Instagram and on-line courses. A lover of all things vintage. I welcome a good cup of coffee every morning illuminated by all the blessings of love.


"Finally listening to the whispers that have been in my heart since I was a little girl"