Dia de los Muertos Painting

This painting was created in honor of my Mom at the request of Chrisy’s lovely friend Cori. Cori asked me to create a painting for Chrisy that would represent my Mom for the celebration of her life and the bond that Chrisy and my Mom shared for Dia de los Muertos. Everything in her hair is something that represents my Mom and all of the special talents that she graciously shared with her loved ones. Cooking dozens and dozens of cookies during the holidays, sewing aprons for Chrisy’s roommates, sewing quilts for family and creating cakes like the one she created for Chrisy’s 25th birthday that was filled with perfectly shaped roses. That’s was one of my favorite cakes she made, I absolutely loved how the cake was completely covered in roses, it was too pretty to cut! I was a bit nervous about this creative task, worried if I could represent the love we all felt by my Mom. Chrisy loved the painting and Cori said that my Mom was beaming down with love.